Christina grew up with music all around her. Christina's Mother, Marcella, made sure the children were surrounded with records. One of her earliest memories as a child is playing on the old apartment porch with her sister, dancing to records like "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" and "Bend Me Shake Me." Her mom also would sing to the girls all the time.

Marcella herself has a beautiful singing voice, but she never chose to do anything professionally with it.

Soon the family moved from the city of Chicago to one of the local suburbs, Westmont.

Christina there matured as a singer, and got involved in all of the school plays and assemblies she could. From her first year in elementary school to her graduation day in high school, Christina was singing her heart out for everyone.

For two summers, they went to a resort hotel in Wisconsin, and Christina, at the age of 12, and then again at 13, sang her heart out for the audience during the "Amateur Night" Talent Show. Although the entertainment director of the resort wanted Christina to audition to sing as a professional, her parents wouldn't allow it.

Christina continued to sing in high school plays and other performances, but never was encouraged to pursue a career in the music business, so she decided to become a schoolteacher.

Shortly after receiving her first teaching position, she was singing with the local band "Panama" for a school assembly! It was such an event that it made the local news cast that night, which was a highlight for her, and for the school.

Today, Christina is still teaching and singing at her school, and loving it. She's a devoted mother and wife, and has always tried to put God first. Now that her children are somewhat older, she's decided to do what she's loved all her life……SING!

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